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Alerts not triggered under some conditions on traffic containing rule matches

Added by Eric Urban over 5 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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We encountered a situation where a single connection contains traffic that has multiple rule matches, yet there are no alerts being generated. This behavior seems to be affected by the part of a connection captured in the packet capture.


There was an email sent to OISF-users at That has full details of the situation and how it was discovered in our environment. The short of it is that we saw a large difference in the number of alerts between our sensor sets and these alerts were all produced from a single flow of SMB (specifically SMB2) traffic. In our environment we have two sensor sets that are configured to receive identical copies of traffic. The sets are identical in terms of hardware, OS, Suricata version (4.0.5), and Suricata configuration.

I was able to gather two ~500MB packet captures traffic on the sensor where alerts were missing. When one of these captures is run through Suricata in pcap file mode, then all expected alerts are generated. The other capture produces no alerts even though there is traffic that matches specific SMB rules. If I remove a single frame from the capture where no alerts are generated, then many alerts are generated. This single frame is an SMB Close Response message. If the capture is modified to start with any SMB Close Response message in the capture, then no alerts are generated even though there are matches through the capture.

Unfortunately, I am not able to provide either of these 500MB captures. The good news is that I was able to recreate a similar situation using publicly available SMB/SMB2 pcaps that have some modifications. The captures trigger alerts on different rules than the ones we observed in our environment, but are still rules that look for SMB traffic (though they are not SMB protocol rules). The captures were found at and I will attach these along with the modified files to this issue. The situation was reproducible using an almost vanilla configuration and also was reproducible on Suricata 3.1.

Attached you will find packet captures, the suricata.yaml config file I used to recreate this, and also the --build-info output.

Actual Behavior:

Running a packet capture through Suricata in pcap file mode does not produce any alerts. The captures contain traffic that match loaded rules. When removing a single frame from this capture, then rules are triggered.

Expected Behavior:

The traffic should generate alerts since there are rules being used that match traffic in the captures.

Steps to Reproduce:

On Suricata 4.0.5, use the attached suricata.yaml, custom.rules file, and pcap files.

Run the pcaps through Suricata in pcap file mode using:
suricata -c suricata.yaml -r <pcap file>

One example of the exact command I ran is:
sudo suricata -vv -c suricata.yaml -k none --pidfile -l logging -r pcaps/C_20171220_smb_mimikatz_copy_SMB2_frame_26_NOT_close.pcap

Here are details on the number of alerts triggered by each capture attached. There are 4 groups, A through D. Note that group A for some reason did not produce any alerts even though it does not start with an SMB Close Respones, so it appears this is not the only thing affecting this behavior. The file names contain the frame number the captures start relative to the original capture for each group.





Only the rules with these SIDs from Emerging Threats are triggered for pcap each group:



smb_alert_differences.tar.gz (3.93 MB) smb_alert_differences.tar.gz pcaps and config files Eric Urban, 10/31/2018 09:13 PM
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I can confirm that it's reproducible with 5.0 beta as well. But It might be quite difficult to debug it in detail. Thanks for the pcaps!

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Andreas could you turn these into SV tests?

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Updated by Andreas Herz over 4 years ago

Do you want to have all 12 tests (one for each pcap) or just 4 for each group with the pcap that does not generate alerts but should?

@Eric Liu just to make sure those with the "_close" (2nd one in each group) are the ones you are wondering why they don't trigger, right?

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Updated by Eric Urban over 4 years ago

Hello Andreas, you are correct that the 2nd pcap in each group are the ones where I was wondering why they don't trigger any subsequent alerts. So the ones ending in _close as you wrote, but not those ending in NOT_close (I probably could have named them better).

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A test for each pcap would be best, so it helps against future regressions. You should be able to use Shivani's test creation scripts.

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Updated by Philippe Antoine over 1 year ago

I investigated the pcaps A_20171220_smb_metasploit_psexec_pth_download_meterpreter*.pcap

These pcaps are not the same
The ones with frame in the name miss the TCP handshake
Running with --set stream.midstream=true gets the 3 alerts...

So, I close this

@Eric Urban feel free to reopen if you have more questions, or if you see something else...


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