Bug #3113

python-yaml dependency is actually ptyhon3-yaml dependency

Added by Peter Manev 2 months ago. Updated 5 days ago.

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While installing Suricata (with suricata-update) from source on a clean Debian/Ubuntu system without having the pkg "python-yaml" present on the OS is triggering the following warning-

checking whether TPACKET_V3 is declared... yes
checking whether SOF_TIMESTAMPING_RAW_HARDWARE is declared... yes
checking for ./suricata-update/ yes

    Warning: suricata-update will not be installed as the
        depedency python-yaml is not installed.

    Debian/Ubuntu: apt install python-yaml
    Fedora: dnf install python-yaml
    CentOS/RHEL: yum install python-yaml

But suricata-update is installed only if the package "python3-yaml" is present on the system.

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Updated by Andreas Herz about 2 months ago

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I guess it might get harder in the future to cover all releases as some distris also change package names. But nevertheless we could change that to python3-yaml in that case.


Updated by Jason Ish about 2 months ago

Package suggestions might get tricky, the Python 2 vs 3 also adds to the complexity here.

If the system has Python 3 installed, it will be used. So you need the Python 3 yaml module. If the system does not have Python 3, Python 2 will be used, so you will need the Python 2 yaml module.


Updated by Victor Julien about 2 months ago

I think for the git master / 5.0 we can suggest the python3 based packages only.


Updated by Victor Julien 22 days ago

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Updated by Andreas Herz 22 days ago

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Updated by Andreas Herz 21 days ago

We could use python3-yaml on recent fedora as well although we could also go for python3-pyyaml which the first is an alias to, same for CentOS 8.

I would propose:

    Debian/Ubuntu: apt install python3-yaml
    Fedora: dnf install python3-pyyaml
    CentOS/RHEL: yum install python3-pyyaml

Updated by Jason Ish 5 days ago

Can we close this? Git master now handles this a little differently. For example, if the Python yaml module is missing, this is now the message:

    Warning: suricata-update will not be installed as the
        Python yaml module is not installed..

    Install the yaml module for Python 2 to enable

With the following in the ./configure summary:
  Python support:                          yes
  Python path:                             /bin/python2.7
  Python distutils                         yes
  Python yaml                              no
  Install suricatactl:                     yes
  Install suricatasc:                      yes
  Install suricata-update:                 no, requires pyyaml

The idea here to keep from trying to be correct on every distro, which is getting harder, yet still give enough info to know whats wrong.

Perhaps a Wiki page for distribution specific installation notes.



Updated by Jason Ish 5 days ago

  • Related to Optimization #3039: configure: don't generate warnings on missing features added

Updated by Victor Julien 5 days ago

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