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10:42 AM Suricata Revision eac83be1: Formatting cleanup in detect-replace.c
Wrap lines longer than 80 characters
Add "static" for unit tests.
Use (void) for () for function arguments.
Add space...
10:42 AM Suricata Revision ddec9267: Add a comment for DetectReplaceList
Reworded a quote in PR 742 by Regit from Inliniac to explain why adding
the head of the list (really a FIFO) is the c...
10:42 AM Suricata Revision cf9da2be: Fix DetectReplaceAddToList
I see two problems:
1) If allocating a newlist fails, the function returns NULL, which then
leaks any existing lis...


11:27 AM Suricata Revision fb0ecaba: Inject pseudo packet periodically when there is not traffic in mPIPE.
To prevent pseudo packets from not being processed when there is no traffic,
inject a pseudo packet if no traffic is ...


04:52 AM Suricata Revision 90444132: Conditionalize SigMatch performance counters.
Only include the counters when PROFILING.
04:52 AM Suricata Revision 65af1f1c: Remove sgh->mask_array
Not needed by new MPM opt.
04:52 AM Suricata Revision 4bd280f1: Indentation clean up
04:52 AM Suricata Revision 403b5a46: Further optimize merging mpm and non-mpm rule ID lists.
When reaching the end of either list, merging is no longer required,
simply walk down the other list.
If the non-MPM...
04:52 AM Suricata Revision 86f4c6c4: Custom Quick Sort for Signature IDs
Use an in place Quick Sort instead of qsort(), which does merge sort and
calls memcpy().
Improves performance on my ...
04:52 AM Suricata Revision 736ac6a4: Use SigIntId as the type for storing signature IDs (Internal)
Previously using uint32_t, but SigIntId is currently uint16_t, so arrays
will take less memory.

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