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04:31 PM Suricata Bug #5486: Ethernet metadata is missing for some protocols or parts of a protocol
Juliana Fajardini Reichow wrote in #note-8:
> Hey @satta would you like to take this one?
Hmm, I am not sure I can c...
Sascha Steinbiss


01:54 PM Suricata Documentation #2699: document all eve record types and fields
Good question. The generic documentation (as in: RTD pages) is not there yet, but from my point of view the JSON sche... Sascha Steinbiss
12:55 PM Suricata Feature #5670: Support wide strings somehow
cf Sascha Steinbiss


08:15 PM Suricata Bug #5309 (Closed): CIDR prefix calculation fails on big endian archs
While trying to build 6.0.5 on Debian's s390x port, we noticed that tests segfault in the new version (see https://ci... Sascha Steinbiss


01:39 PM Suricata Bug #5018: MQTT can return AppLayerResult::incomplete forever and buffer forever Sascha Steinbiss


03:12 PM Suricata Documentation #4768: DNS v2 EVE does not longer contain `dns.rdata` but it is still listed in the documentation
I think this can actually be closed. Looking at it again the documentation does not really claim that @rdata@ is a to... Sascha Steinbiss


11:38 AM Suricata Task #3194: pcre2 support
Victor Julien wrote in #note-15:
> @satta Is a backport of this work desired? Its somewhat intrusive, but not imposs...
Sascha Steinbiss


09:23 PM Suricata Task #3194: pcre2 support
FYI <- Moving to PCRE2 over the deprecated old PCRE has also... Sascha Steinbiss


10:38 AM Suricata Documentation #4768 (Closed): DNS v2 EVE does not longer contain `dns.rdata` but it is still listed in the documentation
The RTD documentation for the DNS EVE-JSON fields ( Sascha Steinbiss


12:37 PM Suricata Documentation #4725 (Closed): Inconsistent "needs" key documentation for Lua functions
I noticed that some example code in the Lua functions documentation does not really match reality. For example, using... Sascha Steinbiss

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