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Proposal to add Lumberjack/CEE formatting option to EVE JSON syslog output for compatibility with rsyslog parsing

Added by Zach Rasmor about 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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I would like to propose a feature enhancement to make the eve-log syslog output format compatible with the Lumberjack/CEE format required by the mmjsonparse modification module of rsyslog.

The rsyslog mmjsonparse module requires the JSON portion of the message to be prepended by the “CEE cookie”, the character sequence “@cee:” (
The mmjsonparse module parses JSON messages into their key-value pairs, allowing for direct access to relevant message fields. This is an alternative approach to relying on “contains” to essentially perform a string search on the JSON string. This is especially helpful when accessing the ‘event_type’ field for the purpose of redirecting JSON output from various event types to different files/locations.

I created the following patch to test this and the results have been positive. I propose adding a line in the eve-log.syslog section of the yaml file (line range 99-101) that is called “lumberjack-cee-format: yes/no”, which will be evaluated in an if/else block that will enclose the patched area below.

--- suricata-2.1beta3/src/output-json.c 2015-01-29 15:52:53.000000000 0000
++ suricata-2.1beta3/src/output-json-lumberjack.c 2015-04-20 15:46:29.973693576 +0000
@ -346,7 +346,7 @

if (json_out ALERT_SYSLOG) {
- syslog(alert_syslog_level, "%s", js_s);
+ syslog(alert_syslog_level, "%s%s", "@cee: ", js_s);
} else if (json_out ALERT_FILE || json_out ALERT_UNIX_DGRAM || json_out ALERT_UNIX_STREAM) {
MemBufferWriteString(buffer, "%s\n", js_s);
file_ctx->Write((const char *)MEMBUFFER_BUFFER(buffer),

I am willing to perform the development for this enhancement if there are no objections or additional feedback.

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Related to Suricata - Bug #1602: eve-log prefix field feature brokenClosedEric Leblond11/25/2015Actions
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Updated by Eric Leblond about 9 years ago

Very good idea, I was also considering to do the same. The "lumberjack-cee-format: yes/no" is a bit too long so I would propose "cee-format: yes/no" instead. But you will ba able to add a comment to the yaml to specify that it is useful for both things.

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Updated by Peter Manev about 9 years ago

I second that

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Updated by Zach Rasmor about 9 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion, I agree that 'cee_format' is cleaner. I have finished development for this feature, and should be finished testing today. In the meantime, can somebody tell me how I can get the "Developer" role so that I can claim this ticket? Thanks!

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Updated by Victor Julien about 9 years ago

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Updated by Zach Rasmor about 9 years ago

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Pull Request #1449 submitted. (Also depends on fix for Bug #1204, for which I submitted Pull Request #1447)

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Updated by Victor Julien about 9 years ago

  • Target version changed from 2.1beta4 to 3.0RC1
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Updated by Victor Julien almost 9 years ago

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Updated by Zach Rasmor over 8 years ago

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