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09:21 PM Suricata Feature #3316: Unix socket: support dumping flow table
One thing as we were exploring saving flow state is that there is not currently a stable identifier for flows between... Danny Browning
03:16 PM Suricata Optimization #3314: rust: integrate log crate with suricata logging
Log crate doesn't actually provide a logger implementation, so we would have to implement a logger that can receive t... Danny Browning


02:17 PM Suricata Feature #2696: http parser in rust
For 1.1
For 2, but it is futures/async+await ...
Danny Browning


02:24 PM Suricata Bug #2296: Unix Manager Should Not Use Conf Functions to Pass Information to source-pcap-file
This ticket came out of that PR.
Link to discussion:
Danny Browning


07:20 PM Suricata Support #3106 (Closed): Illegal Instruction on Suricata Master
That was it. Was building my package on aws/docker, so systems outside of that failed.
Jason Ish wrote:
> Can you...
Danny Browning


04:10 PM Suricata Support #3106: Illegal Instruction on Suricata Master
I think the cause of this is building a binary on Ubuntu 16.04.5 and running it on 16.04.6. Not sure how to debug the... Danny Browning


02:38 PM Suricata Feature #3105: Add kafka output
What happens when kafka is unavailable at startup? Do we assume it is temporarily down or fail startup?
What happe...
Danny Browning


08:28 PM Suricata Support #3106 (Closed): Illegal Instruction on Suricata Master
... Danny Browning


11:01 PM Suricata Bug #3040: pcap: with -r <single file> pcap_open_offline failure does not lead to non-zero exit code
This is an outcome of not having the process not return the thread error information when the initialize fails.
Danny Browning


06:57 PM Suricata Task #2629: tracking: Rust 2018 edition
The current rust version looks to be a blocker for since the toml crate us... Danny Browning

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