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Suricata-Update needs pyyaml

Added by Tony Robinson about 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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I think I may have found an issue in suricata-update.

The documentation in github and on readthedocs states that you should just be able to run pip install --upgrade suricata-update, and everything should work fine. However, I've come to notice that suricata-update would fail to run as a part of make install-full and the script would exit stating that pyyaml is not installed. Upon installing pyyaml, everything appears to work fine. So I don't know if this is PEBKAC, a docbug, or what, but.. I didn't see any open bugs about this, so I wanted to make sure this got visibility.

Operating System(s): Ubuntu 16.04.5 and 18.04.1

Problem: suricata-update does not run as a part of make install-full. make install-full exits with nonzero status and suricata-update doesn't run. output claims that pyyaml is required.
Resolution: pip install pyyaml appears to resolve this issue. Either suricata-update needs to resolve this dependency, or pyyaml dependency should be added to documentation (assuming this isn't a problem specific to me)

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This one is a bit tricky. When suricata-update is installed standalone with pip, the PyYAML dependency should be picked up.

However, when installed bundled I'm not sure if this is what we should do. I think we should just detect this depedency sooner and error out with a better message telling the user what to do, just like installing other build-time requirements.

Then packagers will have to add this to follow suit.

We'll first fix up the pip install case, then look at the "make install-full" when bundled use case.

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This likely should have also closed out:


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