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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
6814 Suricata Task Assigned Normal libsuricata: opt-in signal handling Jason Ish 02/28/2024 04:18 PM Actions
6812 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal pfring: memory leak (7.0.x backport) Jason Ish 02/28/2024 04:35 AM Actions
6811 Suricata Bug In Progress Normal capture plugins: capture plugins unusable due to initialization order Jason Ish 02/27/2024 10:13 PM Actions
6810 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal decode/ppoe: Suspicious pointer scaling (7.0.x backport) Philippe Antoine 02/27/2024 09:21 PM Actions
6808 Suricata Feature New Normal Quantify how a Suricata rule matches against a PCAP OISF Dev 02/28/2024 12:29 PM Actions
6807 Suricata Feature New Normal Support the use of variables within transforms OISF Dev 02/27/2024 02:12 PM Actions
6805 Suricata Feature New Normal cpu-affinity: enhance CPU affinity logic with per-interface NUMA preferences Lukas Sismis 02/23/2024 09:47 AM Actions
6804 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal ci: add test for non-bundled htp Jason Ish 02/23/2024 03:07 PM Actions
6803 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal Add Support for Dataset Metadata Francois Methot 02/23/2024 10:36 AM Actions
6802 Suricata Feature New Normal Support Domain rollup using existing dataset library OISF Dev 02/22/2024 08:10 PM Actions
6795 Suricata Optimization In Review Normal detect/port: PortGroupWhitelist fn takes a lot of processing time Victor Julien 02/27/2024 01:06 PM Actions
6794 Suricata Feature In Progress Normal Tie signature to live device in IPS mode Scott Jordan 02/22/2024 04:05 PM Actions
6793 Suricata Bug New Normal Unit tests failed to build on Solaris OISF Dev 02/23/2024 07:16 PM Actions
6792 Suricata Optimization In Review Normal detect/port: port grouping is quite slow in worst cases Shivani Bhardwaj 02/22/2024 04:55 AM Actions
6791 Suricata Bug In Review Normal cppcheck 2.11 errors (7.0.x backport) Victor Julien 02/27/2024 11:14 AM Actions
6790 Suricata Bug New Normal dpdk: evaluate the correct handling of DPDK ports on shutdown Lukas Sismis 02/20/2024 09:22 PM Actions
6789 Suricata Bug Feedback Normal Dns remarks without showing dns name OISF Dev 02/27/2024 11:42 PM Actions
6788 Suricata Bug New Normal Decouple stream.bypass dependency from TLS encrypted bypass Dean B 02/19/2024 12:27 PM Actions
6787 Suricata Bug In Review Normal decode/pppoe: Suspicious pointer scaling Philippe Antoine 02/28/2024 10:32 AM Actions
6786 Suricata Optimization New Low util-rohash.c : make code cleaner to make CodeQL happier OISF Dev 02/19/2024 09:47 AM Actions
6783 Suricata Bug In Review Normal util/mime: Memory leak at util-decode-mime.c:MimeDecInitParser (6.0.x backport) Victor Julien 02/16/2024 09:42 AM Actions
6782 Suricata Bug New Normal Crasher in HTTP chunked / StreamingBuffer OISF Dev 02/16/2024 04:22 AM Actions
6781 Suricata Documentation New Normal http keywords lacking information about values from duplicate headers being concatenated Jason Taylor 02/14/2024 07:29 PM Actions
6779 Suricata Bug New Normal http.header_names behavior when encountering duplicate header names OISF Dev 02/13/2024 08:26 PM Actions
6778 Suricata Bug Resolved Normal detect/tls.certs: direction flag checked against wrong field Victor Julien 02/16/2024 05:38 AM Actions
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