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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2546 Suricata Support New Normal Suricata 4.0.x blocking issues 07/18/2018 06:59 PM
2541 Suricata Bug New Low detect-parse: missing space in error message Danny Browning 07/17/2018 06:19 PM
2539 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal protocol parser: vxlan Henrik Kramshoej 07/17/2018 05:18 PM
2538 Suricata Feature New Normal dsize keyword improvements Community Ticket 07/16/2018 02:54 PM
2530 Suricata Optimization New Normal Print matching rule SID in filestore meta file 07/16/2018 12:04 PM
2529 Suricata Feature New Normal doc: include quick start guide 07/13/2018 01:47 PM
2528 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal krb parser not always parsing tgs responses Pierre Chifflier 07/11/2018 10:06 AM
2527 Suricata Bug New Normal FTP file extraction only working in passive mode 07/09/2018 09:22 AM
2525 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal Add VLAN support to reject feature Eric Leblond 07/05/2018 07:31 AM
2524 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal Allow user to choose the reject iface Eric Leblond 07/05/2018 07:31 AM
2522 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal The cross-effects of rules on each other, without the use of flowbits. Victor Julien 07/05/2018 07:32 AM
2519 Suricata Feature New Normal XFF iprep support Community Ticket 06/23/2018 10:05 AM
2513 Suricata Feature New Normal Suricata read the SSLProxy header Community Ticket 06/26/2018 09:23 AM
2512 Suricata Support New High http events - Weird unicode characters and truncation in some of http_method/http_user_agent fields OISF Dev 06/18/2018 01:37 PM
2509 Suricata-Update Feature New Normal Add support to have more than one condition to match a rule Julian Wecke 06/02/2018 07:29 PM
2508 Suricata Support New Normal Suricata cannot decode 6LoWPAN captures Cem YEŞİLTEPE 06/26/2018 09:33 AM
2507 Suricata Feature New Normal Make Rust mandatory OISF Dev 07/03/2018 02:22 PM
2506 Suricata Bug New Normal filestore v1: with stream-depth not null, files are never truncated 06/01/2018 09:17 PM
2503 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal rust: nom 4.0 released Pierre Chifflier 05/15/2018 08:46 AM
2502 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal suricata.c ConfigGetCaptureValue - PCAP/AFP fallthrough to strip_trailing_plus Eric Leblond 07/17/2018 09:53 AM
2500 Suricata Bug New Normal stored will always equal false in fileinfo events Elazar Broad 05/03/2018 10:57 PM
2499 Suricata Support New Normal scaling at 40G Peter Manev 05/03/2018 09:59 PM
2497 Suricata Feature New Normal error messages usability improvement OISF Dev 06/12/2018 05:17 PM
2495 Suricata Bug New Normal Stream depth and filestore interaction Eric Leblond 07/19/2018 11:36 AM
2494 Suricata Bug New Normal Invalid Base64 payload for filemd5 alerts OISF Dev 04/24/2018 10:10 PM
2493 Suricata Bug New Normal EngineAnalysisRules2 File Output Cannot Be Adjusted Danny Browning 05/14/2018 02:31 PM
2491 Suricata Bug New Normal async-oneside and midstream not working as expected OISF Dev 04/24/2018 10:08 PM
2490 Suricata Bug New Normal Filehash rule does not fire without filestore keyword OISF Dev 04/24/2018 10:07 PM
2489 Suricata Bug New Normal suricata with pf_ring - Segmentation Fault (core dumped) Community Ticket 04/24/2018 10:07 PM
2488 Suricata Feature New Normal HTML Parsing / Buffers OISF Dev 06/12/2018 05:19 PM
2487 Suricata Feature New Normal Buffers for field/value pairs in http_uri and http_client_body OISF Dev 06/12/2018 05:20 PM
2486 Suricata Feature New Normal prefilter/fast_pattern logic for flowbits OISF Dev 04/24/2018 10:06 PM
2485 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal http: log byte range with file extraction Victor Julien 04/14/2018 07:18 AM
2484 Suricata Feature New Normal no stream events after known pkt loss in flow OISF Dev 04/13/2018 03:59 PM
2479 Suricata Bug New Normal http_cookie negation fails if no cookie in traffic OISF Dev 04/07/2018 10:08 PM
2478 Suricata Bug New Normal PCAP logging does not include 802.1q header when using af-packet Paul Bakoyiannis 04/07/2018 10:08 PM
2477 Suricata Bug New Low 802.1ah & Untagged Traffic Paul Bakoyiannis 04/07/2018 10:08 PM
2476 Suricata Support New Normal Eve-log output data Community Ticket 04/20/2018 04:18 PM
2475 Suricata Support New Normal offset can also be a negative number? tag 7ym0n 04/08/2018 01:53 AM
2474 Suricata Bug New Normal Not found the function of parser the dyn_port when in FTP active mode kris zhang 07/19/2018 11:36 AM
2473 Suricata Bug New Normal Please allow disabling every option (add --without-{option}) Andreas Herz 04/07/2018 09:59 PM
2472 Suricata-Update Feature New Normal update-sources should give a summary of changes Jason Ish 06/12/2018 05:23 PM
2471 Suricata Support New Normal Following error observed after installation and first run OISF Dev 07/17/2018 09:55 AM
2470 Suricata Support New Normal Suricata does not always alert on traffic with content that matches rules OISF Dev 03/28/2018 10:21 PM
2468 Suricata Bug New Normal The autoconf process fails when some options are disabled Andreas Herz 03/28/2018 10:11 PM
2467 Suricata Feature New Normal 4.1beta1 - non rust builds with SMB enabled OISF Dev 06/12/2018 05:23 PM
2465 Suricata Bug New Normal Eve Stats will not be reported unless stats.log is enabled OISF Dev 03/28/2018 10:09 PM
2462 Suricata Bug Assigned High memleak: gitmaster json dns logger - 4.1.0-dev (rev efdc592) Giuseppe Longo 03/23/2018 06:00 AM
2460 Suricata Optimization New Normal Reduce timeout in unix-socket when multiple pcaps are enqueued Maurizio Abba 03/28/2018 10:07 PM
2459 Suricata Feature New Normal Support of FTP active mode OISF Dev 06/12/2018 05:25 PM
2458 Suricata Bug New Normal memleak: gitmaster - 4.1.0-dev (rev c60decd) OISF Dev 03/24/2018 02:44 PM
2457 Suricata Bug New Normal Suricata 4.0.4 exits with [ERRCODE: SC_ERR_FATAL(171)] - Re-entered profiling, exiting OISF Dev 06/27/2018 09:05 AM
2453 Suricata Support New Normal Big flows are splitted OISF Dev 03/07/2018 10:47 AM
2450 Suricata Feature New Normal lua scripts access to calling rule informations Community Ticket 07/17/2018 10:02 AM
2448 Suricata Feature New Normal Add additional buffers for DNS Responses OISF Dev 02/16/2018 03:45 PM
2447 Suricata-Update Bug New Normal Invalid listing of enabled-sources Jason Ish 02/14/2018 03:58 AM
2435 Suricata Bug New Normal Suricata 4.0.3 in IPS mode seems to discard some DNS requests OISF Dev 02/19/2018 04:39 AM
2434 Suricata Bug New Normal memleak - possible/definite memleaks reported for libnss3 and pthread_create OISF Dev 02/13/2018 02:18 PM
2433 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal memleak with suppression rules defined in threshold.conf Richard Sailer 02/09/2018 02:55 AM
2432 Suricata Bug New Normal engine-analysis does not print out the tls buffers OISF Dev 02/13/2018 02:17 PM
2429 Suricata Bug New Normal TCP-session and wrong alert timestamp OISF Dev 01/30/2018 05:39 PM
2428 Suricata Bug Feedback Normal suricata.log file permission error message when using suricata -l <dir> -r x.pcap as unprivilegded user Richard Sailer 02/09/2018 02:53 AM
2426 Suricata Feature New Normal tls: extend logging Giuseppe Longo 01/30/2018 05:36 PM
2424 Suricata Bug Feedback Low suri->userid (SCInstance) does not reflect correct uid if suricata is started as non-root Richard Sailer 01/20/2018 06:24 PM
2423 Suricata Bug New Normal Suricata 4.0.3 and Napatech crashing OISF Dev 01/24/2018 12:51 PM
2421 Suricata Feature New Normal Warn user if -r (pcap offline mode) is used with default log dir Richard Sailer 02/09/2018 02:59 AM
2419 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal Increase size of length of Decoder handlers from uint16 to uint32 Maurizio Abba 02/13/2018 07:39 AM
2416 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal Increase XFF coverage to files and http log Maurizio Abba 01/20/2018 06:15 PM
2413 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal Pcap Interrupt Keeps Pcap File Processing Interrupted Danny Browning 01/20/2018 06:16 PM
2412 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal Suricatasc isn't showing or allowing pcap file continuous option Danny Browning 01/20/2018 06:16 PM
2411 Suricata Support New Normal Error al iniciar servicio suricata Centos 7 Community Ticket 01/20/2018 06:18 PM
2410 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal Create a reset counter and track maximum number of parallel flows Maurizio Abba 01/20/2018 06:16 PM
2409 Suricata Feature New Normal Push signatures without reloading the entire set. OISF Dev 07/17/2018 10:06 AM
2405 Suricata Optimization Assigned Normal Use FileTruncateAllOpenFiles for every app layer protocol Maurizio Abba 01/20/2018 06:18 PM
2404 Suricata Bug New Normal Windows Installation Guide for Suricata bug Peter Manev 01/23/2018 03:39 PM
2401 Suricata Support New Normal Detect last CPU's vulnerabilities Community Ticket 01/20/2018 06:27 PM
2396 Suricata Support New Normal I enabled http-log setting, but got an empty http-log.log Community Ticket 01/20/2018 06:25 PM
2395 Suricata Bug New Normal File_data inspection depth while inspecting base64 decoded data Community Ticket 12/29/2017 05:04 PM
2393 Suricata Bug New Normal One way TLS traffic not properly identified Austin Taylor 01/03/2018 08:55 AM
2388 Suricata Feature New Normal smtp: log md5 of attachments Giuseppe Longo 12/29/2017 05:06 PM
2387 Suricata Feature New Normal smtp: extend probing parser Giuseppe Longo 12/29/2017 05:06 PM
2386 Suricata Bug New Normal check if default log dir is writable at start up Richard Sailer 02/05/2018 02:20 PM
2385 Suricata Feature New Normal deprecate: unified2 OISF Dev 12/29/2017 05:05 PM
2384 Suricata-Update Bug New Normal permission issues warnings Jason Ish 12/29/2017 05:11 PM
2381 Suricata Feature Feedback Normal [discussion] deprecate: 'drop' log output OISF Dev 12/29/2017 05:00 PM
2380 Suricata Feature Feedback Normal [discussion] deprecate: 'alert syslog' output OISF Dev 12/29/2017 04:59 PM
2379 Suricata Feature New Normal deprecate: Tilera / Tile support OISF Dev 12/29/2017 04:57 PM
2378 Suricata Bug New Normal log rotation 'flag' should be atomic Community Ticket 07/17/2018 10:09 AM
2377 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal deprecate: ssh.softwareversion and ssh.protoversion Victor Julien 12/19/2017 03:15 AM
2376 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal deprecate: files-json.log Victor Julien 12/19/2017 03:10 AM
2375 Suricata Feature New Low Design and implement sensible per-thread capabilities Community Ticket 07/13/2018 06:28 PM
2373 Suricata Bug Feedback Normal unix domain socket owner stays root when priviledges dropped Richard Sailer 12/18/2017 03:49 PM
2372 Suricata-Update Bug Assigned High Non-deterministic behavior when encountering duplicated SIDs Jason Ish 12/18/2017 10:59 AM
2371 Suricata Feature New Normal list all available /exposed fields to lua OISF Dev 12/18/2017 03:50 PM
2369 Suricata Bug New Normal option force-filestore generate truncated file OISF Dev 12/18/2017 03:56 PM
2363 Suricata Feature New Normal pcap: read directories recursively Community Ticket 06/12/2018 05:26 PM
2362 Suricata Bug New Normal rule reload with workers mode and NFQUEUE not working stable OISF Dev 12/14/2017 02:58 AM
2358 Suricata Bug New Normal Inconsistent DNS/flows extracted from pcap OISF Dev 03/01/2018 08:22 AM
2355 Suricata Bug Feedback Normal Missing events with PF_RING 7.1.0 OISF Dev 07/04/2018 01:51 PM
2351 Suricata Bug New Normal Suricata with alert-prelude option sending only one IDMEF message (not more). Community Ticket 12/11/2017 08:56 AM
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