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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2834 Suricata-Update Bug Assigned Normal coverity: CID 327298: Null pointer dereferences (FORWARD_NULL) Shivani Bhardwaj 02/18/2019 02:05 PM Actions
2833 Suricata Bug New Normal mem leak - rules loading hunt rules 02/18/2019 11:27 AM Actions
2822 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal SSLv3 - AddressSanitizer heap-buffer-overflow (5.0.x) Mats Klepsland 02/16/2019 02:00 PM Actions
2818 Suricata Feature New Normal Napatech Bypass support Phil Young 02/15/2019 07:21 PM Actions
2817 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal Syricata.yaml encrypt-handling instead encryption-handling Travis Green 02/18/2019 10:59 AM Actions
2816 Suricata Feature New Normal vlan: support more than 2 layers 02/14/2019 10:58 AM Actions
2815 Suricata Bug New Normal race condition during file-magic initialization 02/14/2019 09:12 AM Actions
2814 Suricata Bug New Normal suricatasc: hangs indefinitely and uses too much processing for pcap-file-continuos command Danny Browning 02/13/2019 01:51 PM Actions
2813 Suricata Bug New Normal suricatasc: failure with extra commands Shivani Bhardwaj 02/13/2019 12:49 PM Actions
2812 Suricata Bug New Normal suricatasc multiple python issues Shivani Bhardwaj 02/13/2019 12:47 PM Actions
2810 Suricata Bug New Normal enabling add request/response http headers in master Maurizio Abba 02/12/2019 02:29 PM Actions
2809 Suricata Bug New Normal Applayer Mismatch protocol both directions for kerberos AS-REQ/KDC_ERR_PREAUTH_REQUIRED exchange Pierre Chifflier 02/12/2019 11:22 AM Actions
2808 Suricata Optimization New Normal Prefer Python 3 in ./configure Jason Ish 02/11/2019 05:27 PM Actions
2807 Suricata Bug New Normal DNS LUA Logging does not have any way to log NXDOMAIN 02/10/2019 06:55 AM Actions
2806 Suricata Bug New Normal Parallel DNS queries dropped when using same socket 02/18/2019 11:15 AM Actions
2804 Suricata-Update Support New Normal Behavior old rules, during update Jason Ish 02/14/2019 02:19 PM Actions
2802 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal sigabrt core. Victor Julien 02/18/2019 11:44 AM Actions
2800 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal Undocumented commands for suricatasc Shivani Bhardwaj 02/18/2019 10:23 AM Actions
2799 Suricata Bug New Normal Spec file for suricata 4.x build 02/08/2019 04:44 PM Actions
2798 Suricata Bug New Normal --engine-analysis is unaware of http_host buffer Travis Green 02/01/2019 08:21 PM Actions
2796 Suricata Bug New Normal sigabrt core 01/29/2019 08:08 PM Actions
2795 Suricata Bug New Normal asan leak: processing of empty pcap 01/28/2019 09:22 PM Actions
2793 Suricata Optimization Assigned Normal Python 3 support for python tools Shivani Bhardwaj 02/07/2019 07:11 PM Actions
2792 Suricata-Update Optimization Assigned Normal Code cleanup and optimization Shivani Bhardwaj 01/24/2019 11:59 AM Actions
2789 Suricata Feature New Normal Use clang for building eBPF programs even if Suricata is built using GCC Hilko Bengen 01/25/2019 10:52 PM Actions
2786 Suricata Bug New Normal make install-full does not install some source events rules 01/20/2019 04:12 PM Actions
2785 Suricata Feature New Normal rules index update - add JA3 / SSL IP sources 01/20/2019 04:04 PM Actions
2784 Suricata Feature New Normal rules index update - ssl blacklists 01/30/2019 08:31 AM Actions
2782 Suricata Optimization New Normal Convert Modbus from C to Rust 02/18/2019 10:25 AM Actions
2781 Suricata Optimization New Normal Convert ENIP from C to Rust 02/18/2019 10:25 AM Actions
2780 Suricata Optimization New Normal Convert DNP3 from C to Rust 02/18/2019 10:25 AM Actions
2779 Suricata Optimization New Normal Convert DCE_RPC from C to Rust Victor Julien 02/18/2019 10:25 AM Actions
2778 Suricata Bug New Normal Protocol Parsing Rust Conversion Tracking 02/07/2019 11:04 AM Actions
2777 Suricata Support New Normal Suricata possibly stopping browsing to a single website 02/18/2019 08:15 AM Actions
2776 Suricata Bug New Normal pcap open - invalid interface capture length 524288, bigger than maximum of 262144 01/17/2019 12:56 PM Actions
2773 Suricata Bug New Normal add suricata-update to MSI packaging Peter Manev 01/15/2019 02:09 PM Actions
2772 Suricata Feature New Normal Add MPLS labels to alert output Wesley van der Ree 01/14/2019 02:32 PM Actions
2771 Suricata Feature New Normal MPLS over Vlan support Wesley van der Ree 01/14/2019 02:03 PM Actions
2769 Suricata Bug Feedback Normal False positive alerts firing after upgrade suricata 3.0 -> 4.1.0 Victor Julien 02/18/2019 09:32 AM Actions
2767 Suricata Feature New Normal Interception of network stack attacks 01/09/2019 12:02 PM Actions
2766 Suricata Feature New Normal Simplified Napatech Configuration Phil Young 01/18/2019 10:58 AM Actions
2765 Suricata Bug Resolved Normal GeoIP keyword depends on now discontinued legacy GeoIP database Bill Meeks 01/14/2019 11:04 PM Actions
2764 Suricata Bug New Normal dns logging v1 vs v2 02/18/2019 04:18 PM Actions
2763 Suricata Bug New Normal different number of events on exact same runs with asan and no asan builds 12/31/2018 07:23 AM Actions
2762 Suricata Bug Assigned Urgent SSLv3 - AddressSanitizer heap-buffer-overflow Mats Klepsland 02/15/2019 03:46 PM Actions
2759 Suricata Feature New Normal iprep: more granularity 12/21/2018 12:49 PM Actions
2758 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal intel / reputation matching on arbitrary data Victor Julien 12/21/2018 12:46 PM Actions
2757 Suricata Feature New Normal improve protocol detection 12/21/2018 12:07 PM Actions
2756 Suricata Feature New Normal rules input in json format 12/21/2018 11:49 AM Actions
2755 Suricata Feature New Normal vendor id / vid keyword to give rulesets unique sid ranges 12/21/2018 11:36 AM Actions
2754 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal JA3 and JA3S - sets / reputation Victor Julien 12/21/2018 11:33 AM Actions
2751 Suricata Bug New Normal Engine unable to disable detect thread, Killing engine. (in libpcap mode) 12/24/2018 08:30 AM Actions
2750 Suricata Optimization New Normal document nfs-keywords 12/20/2018 01:39 AM Actions
2746 Suricata Feature New Normal Use Available Instruction Set Specialization (AVX2 and AVX512) in Hyperscan when available booble tins 12/14/2018 03:49 PM Actions
2744 Suricata Bug New Normal --list-keywords complains about missing yaml Community Ticket 12/14/2018 06:40 AM Actions
2742 Suricata Support New Normal help with inline IPS 12/17/2018 04:44 AM Actions
2741 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal netmap: add support for lb and vale switches Victor Julien 12/22/2018 06:08 AM Actions
2739 Suricata Bug New Normal Incorrect detection of the jit support of libpcre 02/18/2019 10:33 AM Actions
2738 Suricata Feature New Normal Add SNMP Pierre Chifflier 12/12/2018 09:41 AM Actions
2737 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal Invalid memory read on malformed rule with Lua script Victor Julien 12/13/2018 03:49 PM Actions
2733 Suricata Bug New Normal rust/mingw: libc::IPPROTO_* not defined 12/08/2018 02:16 PM Actions
2729 Suricata Support New Normal /var/log/suricata/fast.log full because of a rules 12/08/2018 09:41 AM Actions
2728 Suricata-Update Optimization New Normal enable repeated calls of enable/disable-source Sascha Steinbiss 12/08/2018 09:41 AM Actions
2727 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal DCERPC UID to name mapping Eric Leblond 12/07/2018 06:15 AM Actions
2726 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal writing large number of json events on high speed traffic results in packet drops Jason Ish 02/18/2019 10:39 AM Actions
2725 Suricata Support Feedback Normal stream/packet on wrong thread 01/29/2019 03:39 PM Actions
2722 Suricata Bug New Normal yaml: If yaml bypass option is misspelled it does not result in error/warning 12/04/2018 08:50 AM Actions
2721 Suricata Support New Normal ERRCODE: SC_ERR_AFP_CREATE(190) - Filter compilation failed. 12/03/2018 01:31 PM Actions
2720 Suricata Support New Low Suricata + Netmap + FreeBSD -- source of bad pkt netmap errors? 12/02/2018 12:58 PM Actions
2718 Suricata Bug New Normal pkts/drops counters discrepancy 12/08/2018 09:53 AM Actions
2713 Suricata Feature Feedback Normal protocol detection w/o protocol parsing Pierre Chifflier 11/24/2018 10:20 AM Actions
2712 Suricata Bug New Normal long wait time on exit - pcap read - unable to get all packet threads to process their packets in time 11/24/2018 09:51 AM Actions
2703 Suricata-Update Bug Assigned Normal Download Timeout Shivani Bhardwaj 01/24/2019 12:00 PM Actions
2701 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal flow: counter for allocations at runtime Michal Purzynski 11/21/2018 03:59 PM Actions
2700 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal ja3/ja3s functionality for IKEv2 Pierre Chifflier 11/21/2018 03:14 PM Actions
2699 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal document all eve record types and fields Robert Haist 12/04/2018 08:53 AM Actions
2698 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal hassh and hasshServer for ssh fingerprinting Mats Klepsland 11/21/2018 11:57 AM Actions
2697 Suricata Feature New Normal prefilter support for stream_size Victor Julien 11/21/2018 11:44 AM Actions
2696 Suricata Feature New Normal http parser in rust 11/21/2018 11:30 AM Actions
2695 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal websocket support Jason Ish 11/21/2018 11:16 AM Actions
2694 Suricata Feature New Normal thresholding: feature parity between global and per-rule options Community Ticket 11/21/2018 11:06 AM Actions
2693 Suricata Feature New Normal libsuricata 11/21/2018 09:20 AM Actions
2691 Suricata-Update Bug New Normal Error thrown with -o option Jason Ish 11/20/2018 04:01 PM Actions
2690 Suricata Support New Normal Is ssl decrytion supported in suricata? 11/22/2018 10:48 PM Actions
2689 Suricata Feature New Normal Normalized HTTP client body buffer 11/17/2018 12:44 AM Actions
2688 Suricata-Update Bug New Normal filemd5 files are not migrated /w rules Jason Ish 11/16/2018 11:32 PM Actions
2687 Suricata Bug New Low current suricata.yaml is missing rotate-interval "example" 11/27/2018 04:15 PM Actions
2686 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal Fancy Quotes in Documentation Travis Green 02/18/2019 11:01 AM Actions
2685 Suricata Support New Normal SuriCon 2018 brainstorm Victor Julien 11/15/2018 02:59 PM Actions
2684 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal Add JA3S Mats Klepsland 11/16/2018 10:04 PM Actions
2681 Suricata Feature New Normal Reloading of categories file, IP reputation list during rule live reload Eric Leblond 11/14/2018 06:32 PM Actions
2680 Suricata Bug New Normal eve output filetype:unix_dgram does not start a socket 11/14/2018 05:25 AM Actions
2678 Suricata Feature New Normal list-keywords: add info about fast_pattern and transforms 11/13/2018 07:21 PM Actions
2675 Suricata Feature New Normal Split out SMB parser to be reusable Ed Page 11/28/2018 07:41 AM Actions
2674 Suricata Feature New Normal Split out NFS parser to be reusable 11/12/2018 08:01 PM Actions
2673 Suricata Feature New Normal Split out DNS parser to be reusable 11/12/2018 08:01 PM Actions
2672 Suricata Feature New Normal Split out DHCP parser to be reusable 11/12/2018 07:58 PM Actions
2670 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal tls_cert sticky buffer Mats Klepsland 11/13/2018 05:46 PM Actions
2669 Suricata Bug New Low make install-full fails due to being unable to find 11/16/2018 02:44 PM Actions
2668 Suricata Bug New Low make install-full fails if CARGO_TARGET_DIR has spaces in the directory path 11/09/2018 05:27 PM Actions
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