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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
5434 Suricata Optimization New Normal app-layer: fix AppLayerParserGetTx (and friends) param confusion posibilities OISF Dev 07/01/2022 02:30 PM Actions
5433 Suricata Task Assigned Normal tracking: reduce number of public data structures Jason Ish 07/01/2022 02:21 PM Actions
5415 Suricata Feature New Normal tftp: support keywords such as, etc... OISF Dev 06/29/2022 06:58 PM Actions
5413 Suricata Feature In Progress Normal DCERPC logging is not easy to use in analysis Eric Leblond 06/29/2022 07:41 AM Actions
5412 Suricata Bug In Progress Normal SMB status errors list is incomplete Eric Leblond 06/29/2022 07:29 AM Actions
5411 Suricata Feature In Progress Normal Add keywords for user and domain seen in smb Eric Leblond 06/29/2022 07:24 AM Actions
5407 Suricata Bug New Normal suricatasc runtime error OISF Dev 06/25/2022 12:40 PM Actions
5406 Suricata Bug New Normal HTTP Req and resp correlation incorrect OISF Dev 07/19/2022 07:11 AM Actions
5405 Suricata Feature New Normal Make suricata point to where to report a bug OISF Dev 06/22/2022 08:24 AM Actions
5400 Suricata Optimization Feedback Normal dpdk: allow specifying of `rss_hf` flags in config Lukas Sismis 06/16/2022 03:55 PM Actions
5393 Suricata Documentation New Normal devguide: move github workflow document from redmine into devguide Juliana Fajardini Reichow 06/13/2022 04:16 PM Actions
5389 Suricata Bug New Normal SIGINT makes s-v shut down but Suri process lingers in the background OISF Dev 06/08/2022 06:11 AM Actions
5384 Suricata Feature New Normal Thread Synchronisation: wait for all threads to be in an operating state before continuing initialisation Richard McConnell 06/07/2022 08:52 AM Actions
5383 Suricata Feature In Progress Normal Support for IP addresses in dataset Eric Leblond 06/04/2022 09:08 PM Actions
5381 Suricata Task In Review Normal add `alert-queue-expand-fails` command-line option (6.0.x backport) Juliana Fajardini Reichow 08/02/2022 01:45 PM Actions
5379 Suricata Bug New Normal detect/udp: different detection from rules when UDP/TCP header is broken Juliana Fajardini Reichow 06/14/2022 12:34 PM Actions
5376 Suricata-Update Documentation In Review Low Add documentation about updating referenced auxiliary files with Suricata-Update Andreas Dolp 05/31/2022 03:40 PM Actions
5374 Suricata Bug New Normal pcap-log: breaking change in file names OISF Dev 05/31/2022 03:10 PM Actions
5373 Suricata Optimization In Review Normal Prevent process creation by Suricata process Philippe Antoine 05/31/2022 12:59 PM Actions
5372 Suricata-Update Feature New Normal Add support for encrypted traffic analysis Stephen Pendleton 05/28/2022 05:59 PM Actions
5370 Suricata Support New Normal The problem of Suricata reading Wireshark's pcap package OISF Dev 06/26/2022 04:50 PM Actions
5367 Suricata Documentation New Normal byte_test: all examples in doc missing a required argument OISF Dev 05/19/2022 03:11 PM Actions
5366 Suricata Support New Normal Displaying Chinese Characters in eve.json OISF Dev 05/20/2022 06:20 PM Actions
5365 Suricata Feature New Normal Limit rust 'filetracker' memory in configuration OISF Dev 05/17/2022 10:24 AM Actions
5364 Suricata Documentation New Normal userguide: reorganize `Application Layers Parsers` and `Application layers` subsections in the suricata.yaml page OISF Dev 05/16/2022 09:24 PM Actions
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