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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2290 Suricata Feature New Normal lua: expose lua generated buffers to rule lang OISF Dev 11/30/2017 07:29 AM
2289 Suricata Bug New Low af-packet bpf filtering failed to select multiple vlan Eric Leblond 12/03/2017 02:01 PM
2286 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal doc: document best practices around handling file extraction Jason Ish 11/20/2017 10:21 AM
2285 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal modify memcaps over unix socket Giuseppe Longo 11/30/2017 08:00 AM
2284 Suricata Feature New Normal detect partial file transfers OISF Dev 11/30/2017 07:27 AM
2283 Suricata Feature New Normal turn content modifiers into 'sticky buffers' Jason Williams 11/20/2017 10:41 AM
2282 Suricata Feature New Normal event log aka weird.log OISF Dev 11/30/2017 07:27 AM
2281 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal tcp stream: simpler IDS handling of overlap evasions Victor Julien 11/20/2017 09:56 AM
2280 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal http: rules that match both request and response Victor Julien 12/01/2017 05:01 AM
2279 Suricata Feature New Normal TLS 1.3 decoding, SNI extraction and logging OISF Dev 11/30/2017 07:26 AM
2278 Suricata Feature New High failing better OISF Dev 11/30/2017 07:26 AM
2277 Suricata Feature New Normal Output hierarchical network tree in events Eric Leblond 11/30/2017 07:25 AM
2273 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal engine analysis: enable analysis by default during startup Victor Julien 11/17/2017 01:22 AM
2272 Suricata Optimization New Normal Analyze DNS response if query is not present OISF Community 12/01/2017 04:42 AM
2271 Suricata Support New Normal eve-log (JSON) correlation OISF Community 11/30/2017 07:30 AM
2270 Suricata-Update Feature New Normal Suricata-update: support profiles Jason Ish 11/17/2017 01:14 AM
2269 Suricata Feature New Normal TLS: tls.version: allow negation or comparison OISF Community 11/30/2017 07:23 AM
2266 Suricata Optimization New Normal no documentation for file-store-waldo OISF Dev 12/04/2017 08:08 AM
2265 Suricata Bug New Normal pass rules not taken into account milkmix_ milkmix_ 11/30/2017 07:24 AM
2264 Suricata Bug New Normal not working as expected when configured to a specfic value OISF Dev 11/30/2017 07:21 AM
2262 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal Unix Socket Output Configurable Retries and Blocking Danny Browning 11/30/2017 07:21 AM
2260 Suricata Bug New Normal Weird status codes when dealing with incomplete http streams in 4.0 Bendik Hagen 12/01/2017 07:08 AM
2258 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal rate_filter inconsistency: triggered after "count" detections when by_rule, and after count+1 detections when by_src/by_dst. Ruslan Usmanov 12/12/2017 02:52 PM
2257 Suricata Bug New Normal rate_filter doesn't honor "timeout" if it is longer than "seconds" parameter OISF Dev 11/30/2017 07:18 AM
2256 Suricata-Update Feature Assigned Normal Generate a report and log it to a file. Jason Ish 10/31/2017 08:44 AM
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