Task #2685


Task #4763: tracking: Suricon brainstorms

SuriCon 2018 brainstorm

Added by Victor Julien over 4 years ago. Updated 12 months ago.

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Meta ticket. Add relations to this ticket for the tickets discussed at SuriCon or created after SuriCon brainstorm.

2017 edition: #2309

Related issues 29 (15 open14 closed)

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Related to Feature #2563: Add dump of all headers in http eve-logClosedMaurizio AbbaActions
Related to Task #2693: tracking: libsuricataIn ProgressJason IshActions
Related to Feature #2561: Add possibility for smtp raw extractionClosedMaurizio AbbaActions
Related to Feature #2409: Push signatures without reloading the entire set.RejectedCommunity TicketActions
Related to Feature #2694: thresholding: feature parity between global and per-rule optionsClosedTodd MortimerActions
Related to Feature #2695: websocket supportAssignedJason IshActions
Related to Feature #2689: http: Normalized HTTP client body bufferClosedJeff LucovskyActions
Related to Feature #2696: http parser in rustIn ReviewTodd MortimerActions
Related to Feature #2486: prefilter/fast_pattern logic for flowbitsIn ProgressVictor JulienActions
Related to Feature #2697: prefilter support for stream_sizeClosedPhilippe AntoineActions
Related to Feature #2698: hassh and hasshServer for ssh fingerprintingClosedVadym MalakhatkoActions
Related to Feature #2282: event log aka weird.logClosedJeff LucovskyActions
Related to Task #2278: tracking: failing betterNewOISF DevActions
Related to Documentation #2699: document all eve record types and fieldsAssignedSascha SteinbissActions
Related to Feature #2700: ja3/ja3s functionality for IKEv2AssignedPierre ChifflierActions
Related to Feature #2701: flow: counter for allocations at runtimeNewCommunity TicketActions
Related to Feature #385: Configuration option to log all known (pcap) data for a stream when an alert firesClosedCommunity TicketActions
Related to Feature #2318: matching on large amounts of data with dynamic updatesClosedVictor JulienActions
Related to Task #2313: tracking: save & restore state when suricata restartsNewOISF DevActions
Related to Feature #2308: threshold/suppress by http_hostAssignedTodd MortimerActions
Related to Feature #2283: turn content modifiers into 'sticky buffers'ClosedOISF DevActions
Related to Feature #2713: protocol detection w/o protocol parsingFeedbackPierre ChifflierActions
Related to Feature #2754: JA3 and JA3S - sets / reputationClosedVictor JulienActions
Related to Feature #2755: vendor id / vid keyword to give rulesets unique sid rangesNewOISF DevActions
Related to Feature #2756: rules: input in json formatNewActions
Related to Feature #2757: improve protocol detectionIn ReviewPhilippe AntoineActions
Related to Feature #2758: intel / reputation matching on arbitrary dataClosedVictor JulienActions
Related to Feature #2759: iprep: more granularityNewCommunity TicketActions

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