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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
3015 Suricata Documentation Resolved Normal userguide: document "tag" keyword Victor Julien 11/17/2023 08:22 PM Actions
3003 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal filestore to uses rename syscall instead of sendfile,which doesn't allow files to be sent across file systems Jason Ish 08/01/2022 04:43 PM Actions
2996 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal Extend decode events and rules Andreas Herz 03/26/2020 11:38 AM Actions
2987 Suricata Feature New Normal Suggestions for new keywords (streambits) Community Ticket 03/06/2021 08:06 AM Actions
2978 Suricata Bug New Normal IRC traffic parsed by FTP Philippe Antoine 03/13/2023 12:54 PM Actions
2976 Suricata Documentation Assigned Low review userguide from beginners point of view Community Ticket 09/21/2020 02:33 PM Actions
2975 Suricata Task Assigned Normal convert unittests to new FAIL/PASS API Community Ticket 11/18/2023 08:12 AM Actions
2962 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal eve: log more IKEv2 fields Michal Vymazal 01/30/2020 01:34 PM Actions
2960 Suricata Bug Feedback Normal valgrind gives 'Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)' OISF Dev 11/08/2023 03:17 PM Actions
2958 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal Suricata 5.0.0beta1 and way too much anomaly logging Jeff Lucovsky 08/01/2022 04:21 PM Actions
2957 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal Suricata x Moloch - protocol detection. Proposals for TLS/SSL Michal Vymazal 11/23/2019 09:12 AM Actions
2954 Suricata Bug New Normal Strange interaction with afpacket - high CPU usage and no packet processing Community Ticket 05/23/2019 10:04 PM Actions
2939 Suricata Feature New Normal Suricata enhancements - proposals Michal Vymazal 05/23/2019 10:03 PM Actions
2938 Suricata-Update Feature Assigned Normal Add a "show-defaults" command Shivani Bhardwaj 11/23/2022 05:55 PM Actions
2935 Suricata Feature New Normal Support for multiple-logger for drop eve-log Community Ticket 04/18/2019 11:41 AM Actions
2934 Suricata Bug New Normal VLAN tags stripped when saving pcap log OISF Dev 05/23/2019 09:28 PM Actions
2932 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal add batman-adv decode support Christian Tramnitz 01/30/2020 01:32 PM Actions
2931 Suricata Feature New Normal Perform privdrop without libcap-ng support Emmanuel Roullit 11/07/2019 11:02 PM Actions
2928 Suricata Bug New Normal alerts on icmp signatures in 4.0.x and 4.1.x OISF Dev 09/27/2019 09:59 AM Actions
2925 Suricata Feature New Normal Support for SPB encapsulation Community Ticket 01/30/2020 01:32 PM Actions
2918 Suricata Bug New Normal Unable to mmap, error Resource temporarily unavailable - err seems OS specific Community Ticket 11/22/2019 05:25 PM Actions
2908 Suricata Bug New Normal ip only rules cause suricata to take 17 minutes to start Victor Julien 02/15/2024 01:48 PM Actions
2891 Suricata Bug New Normal Empty rrname in DNS answer for non-recurse NS answers Jason Ish 11/08/2023 03:04 PM Actions
2886 Suricata Bug In Progress Low IMAP protocol detection is incomplete Mahmoud Maatuq 02/09/2024 08:22 AM Actions
2881 Suricata Bug In Review Normal http.protocol parsing inaccuracy : accept spaces in URI Philippe Antoine 11/07/2023 03:02 PM Actions
2880 Suricata-Update Optimization New Low Remove redundant code Community Ticket 11/23/2022 05:53 PM Actions
2860 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal Suricata doesn't detect part of IKEv2 traffic Pierre Chifflier 11/09/2023 02:32 PM Actions
2858 Suricata Bug New Normal app-layer-protocol:failed; doesn't match traffic with ALPROTO_UNKNOWN Community Ticket 08/29/2019 10:18 PM Actions
2818 Suricata Feature New Normal Napatech Bypass support Community Ticket 05/18/2023 01:00 PM Actions
2815 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal race condition during file-magic initialization magen bluten 11/08/2023 02:56 PM Actions
2814 Suricata Bug New Normal suricatasc: hangs indefinitely and uses too much processing for pcap-file-continuos command Danny Browning 08/07/2020 01:54 PM Actions
2807 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal DNS LUA Logging does not have any way to log NXDOMAIN Jason Ish 08/07/2020 01:54 PM Actions
2785 Suricata-Update Feature New Normal rules index update - add JA3 / SSL IP sources Jason Ish 05/23/2019 09:41 PM Actions
2784 Suricata-Update Feature New Normal rules index update - ssl blacklists Jason Ish 05/23/2019 09:42 PM Actions
2780 Suricata Optimization New Normal Convert DNP3 from C to Rust Community Ticket 02/25/2021 03:18 PM Actions
2778 Suricata Task New Normal tracking: port app-layer parsers to Rust OISF Dev 09/26/2019 09:38 AM Actions
2773 Suricata Bug New Normal add suricata-update to MSI packaging Peter Manev 06/15/2019 09:52 PM Actions
2772 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal Add MPLS labels to alert output Community Ticket 12/01/2023 03:15 PM Actions
2767 Suricata Feature New Normal Interception of network stack attacks Community Ticket 05/23/2019 09:43 PM Actions
2763 Suricata Bug New Normal different number of events on exact same runs with asan and no asan builds OISF Dev 06/15/2019 09:52 PM Actions
2759 Suricata Feature New Normal iprep: more granularity Community Ticket 03/12/2019 11:44 AM Actions
2757 Suricata Feature In Review Normal improve protocol detection Philippe Antoine 09/12/2022 02:11 PM Actions
2756 Suricata Feature New Normal rules: input in json format OISF Dev 06/30/2023 02:07 PM Actions
2755 Suricata Feature New Normal vendor id / vid keyword to give rulesets unique sid ranges OISF Dev 11/23/2020 04:35 PM Actions
2746 Suricata Feature New Normal Use Available Instruction Set Specialization (AVX2 and AVX512) in Hyperscan when available booble tins 06/15/2019 09:52 PM Actions
2727 Suricata Feature Assigned Low DCERPC UID to name mapping OISF Dev 02/25/2020 11:08 AM Actions
2725 Suricata Optimization Feedback Normal stream/packet on wrong thread OISF Dev 02/18/2024 12:42 PM Actions
2718 Suricata Bug New Normal pkts/drops counters discrepancy OISF Dev 07/27/2019 09:49 PM Actions
2701 Suricata Feature New Normal flow: counter for allocations at runtime Community Ticket 05/18/2023 09:10 AM Actions
2700 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal ja3/ja3s functionality for IKEv2 Pierre Chifflier 01/30/2020 01:44 PM Actions
2699 Suricata Documentation Assigned Normal document all eve record types and fields Sascha Steinbiss 11/09/2023 11:27 AM Actions
2696 Suricata Feature In Progress Normal http parser in rust Philippe Antoine 02/02/2024 12:41 PM Actions
2695 Suricata Feature In Review High websocket support Philippe Antoine 01/06/2024 09:22 PM Actions
2693 Suricata Task In Progress Normal tracking: libsuricata Jason Ish 02/07/2024 04:27 PM Actions
2691 Suricata-Update Bug Assigned Low Error thrown with -o option Shivani Bhardwaj 11/23/2022 05:53 PM Actions
2687 Suricata Optimization New Low current suricata.yaml is missing rotate-interval "example" Community Ticket 06/18/2019 08:40 PM Actions
2685 Suricata Task Assigned Normal SuriCon 2018 brainstorm Victor Julien 06/10/2022 11:34 AM Actions
2681 Suricata Feature New Normal Reloading of categories file, IP reputation list during rule live reload OISF Dev 02/25/2020 11:08 AM Actions
2678 Suricata Feature New Normal list-keywords: add info about fast_pattern and transforms OISF Dev 08/30/2021 03:41 PM Actions
2675 Suricata Feature New Normal Split out SMB parser to be reusable Ed Page 06/15/2019 09:51 PM Actions
2674 Suricata Feature New Normal Split out NFS parser to be reusable Community Ticket 05/23/2019 09:51 PM Actions
2673 Suricata Feature New Normal Split out DNS parser to be reusable Community Ticket 04/22/2020 07:07 PM Actions
2672 Suricata Feature New Normal Split out DHCP parser to be reusable Community Ticket 05/23/2019 09:51 PM Actions
2661 Suricata Feature New Normal output the http-body-data to eve.json Community Ticket 05/23/2019 09:52 PM Actions
2659 Suricata-Update Feature Feedback Normal Define the output rules file name. Joel Samaroo 11/23/2022 05:53 PM Actions
2656 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal Alerts not triggered under some conditions on traffic containing rule matches OISF Dev 11/21/2022 02:11 PM Actions
2648 Suricata Feature New Normal store captured data into file Community Ticket 05/23/2019 09:52 PM Actions
2630 Suricata-Update Feature Feedback Normal Suricata Update for Windows Peter Manev 09/05/2020 09:25 PM Actions
2628 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal Specify the flow direction in metadata sent by Suricata. Daniel Jaraud 05/27/2019 08:54 PM Actions
2627 Suricata Bug New Normal lua: load script from same location as rule file if not in default rule location Community Ticket 06/30/2023 02:12 PM Actions
2621 Suricata Optimization Assigned Normal Convert setup scripts from sh/ed/sed to Python. Jason Ish 08/30/2021 03:23 PM Actions
2620 Suricata Documentation New Normal Documentation: tagged_packets / event_type packet OISF Dev 01/08/2024 02:32 PM Actions
2614 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal filemagic: pdf filemagic match Peter Manev 03/04/2023 02:22 PM Actions
2613 Suricata Feature New Normal stats: add xdp counters to stats Community Ticket 10/27/2022 04:24 PM Actions
2589 Suricata Documentation New Normal document decode-event Community Ticket 09/25/2019 07:20 PM Actions
2588 Suricata Documentation New Normal document hostbits keyword OISF Dev 08/05/2022 02:52 PM Actions
2569 Suricata Feature New Normal multi-tenancy: allow mapping to 'device pair' in IPS mode Community Ticket 03/11/2019 01:52 PM Actions
2556 Suricata-Update Feature New Normal Suricata-update gives disabled messages but also still parse errors which don't get disabled > so test fails Jason Ish 07/10/2019 09:30 PM Actions
2538 Suricata Feature New Normal dsize keyword improvements Community Ticket 02/23/2019 10:03 PM Actions
2519 Suricata Feature New Normal XFF iprep support Community Ticket 02/23/2019 10:03 PM Actions
2513 Suricata Feature Feedback Normal Suricata read the SSLProxy header Community Ticket 11/09/2020 12:14 PM Actions
2509 Suricata-Update Feature Feedback Normal Add support to have more than one condition to match a rule Julian Wecke 11/23/2022 05:53 PM Actions
2488 Suricata Feature New Normal HTML Parsing / Buffers OISF Dev 11/04/2019 11:59 AM Actions
2487 Suricata Feature New Normal Buffers for field/value pairs in http_uri and http_client_body OISF Dev 06/12/2018 05:20 PM Actions
2486 Suricata Feature In Progress Normal prefilter/fast_pattern logic for flowbits Victor Julien 10/25/2022 09:10 AM Actions
2478 Suricata Bug Feedback Normal PCAP logging does not include 802.1q header when using af-packet OISF Dev 07/21/2023 05:16 AM Actions
2477 Suricata Bug Feedback Low 802.1ah & Untagged Traffic OISF Dev 07/21/2023 05:16 AM Actions
2470 Suricata Documentation Feedback Normal document content inspection in chunks Eric Urban 11/11/2022 01:20 PM Actions
2460 Suricata Optimization New Normal Reduce timeout in unix-socket when multiple pcaps are enqueued Community Ticket 05/18/2023 09:09 AM Actions
2448 Suricata Feature New Normal Add additional buffers for DNS Responses OISF Dev 05/04/2023 03:59 PM Actions
2426 Suricata Feature New Normal tls: extend logging Community Ticket 01/20/2024 09:38 PM Actions
2424 Suricata Bug Feedback Low suri->userid (SCInstance) does not reflect correct uid if suricata is started as non-root Community Ticket 02/23/2019 10:04 PM Actions
2410 Suricata Feature New Normal Create a reset counter and track maximum number of parallel flows Community Ticket 09/27/2019 07:58 AM Actions
2388 Suricata Feature New Normal smtp: log md5 of attachments Giuseppe Longo 01/30/2020 01:50 PM Actions
2380 Suricata Feature Feedback Normal [discussion] deprecate: 'alert syslog' output OISF Dev 08/03/2018 01:33 PM Actions
2378 Suricata Bug New Normal log rotation 'flag' should be atomic Community Ticket 02/23/2019 10:04 PM Actions
2377 Suricata Feature Assigned Normal deprecate: ssh.softwareversion and ssh.protoversion OISF Dev 08/30/2021 03:41 PM Actions
2375 Suricata Feature New Normal Design and implement sensible per-thread capabilities OISF Dev 08/30/2021 03:41 PM Actions
2373 Suricata Bug Feedback Normal unix domain socket owner stays root when priviledges dropped OISF Dev 02/18/2019 10:15 PM Actions
2371 Suricata Feature New Normal list all available /exposed fields to lua OISF Dev 12/18/2017 03:50 PM Actions
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