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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
3803 Suricata Task Assigned Normal Research: use nom-derive Pierre Chifflier 06/30/2020 08:02 AM Actions
3801 Suricata Bug New Normal Problem harware bypassing with Netronome Community Ticket 05/18/2023 01:00 PM Actions
3800 Suricata Bug New Normal Netronome XDP mode: Unable to find 'cpus_count' map" Community Ticket 05/10/2023 11:58 AM Actions
3797 Suricata Optimization New Low Filestore Setup Excess Directory Slash Community Ticket 06/30/2023 01:43 PM Actions
3771 Suricata Bug New Normal Extreme performance degradation when doing IP-only rules with flow-keyword 06/23/2020 05:01 PM Actions
3768 Suricata Task New Normal research: investigate branch prediction vs likely/unlikely macros 06/12/2020 08:00 AM Actions
3766 Suricata Optimization In Progress Low Convert Stats to JsonBuilder Juliana Fajardini Reichow 10/31/2022 02:37 PM Actions
3762 Suricata Documentation In Review Normal update documentation for user modes Community Ticket 06/30/2023 02:14 PM Actions
3751 Suricata Documentation New Low Alert metadata JSON configs in should match the RTD documentation Community Ticket 06/30/2023 09:22 AM Actions
3748 Suricata Documentation New Normal Add documentation for flags keyword Community Ticket 05/18/2023 09:11 PM Actions
3734 Suricata Optimization New Normal af-packet: better support for csum offload 09/15/2021 07:13 AM Actions
3725 Suricata Task New Normal Tracking: convert unittests to SV tests Juliana Fajardini Reichow 07/03/2023 04:09 PM Actions
3721 Suricata-Update Feature New Normal Add iprep compatibility Michael Schem 11/23/2022 05:53 PM Actions
3707 Suricata Optimization Assigned Normal Convert JSON Loggers to JsonBuilder Jason Ish 06/30/2023 07:42 AM Actions
3705 Suricata Bug New Normal VarNameStoreLookupById: Assertion `!(current == ((void *)0))' OISF Dev 06/30/2023 01:41 PM Actions
3702 Suricata Bug New Normal windows: when using compile against latest npcap traffic not seen unless bpf is used 05/17/2020 11:22 AM Actions
3698 Suricata Bug New Normal Incorrect max length of windivert filter Community Ticket 08/24/2020 04:19 AM Actions
3697 Suricata-Update Feature New Normal a command line option for suricata-update that would set downloaded rules to their default state Jason Ish 12/17/2021 03:06 PM Actions
3695 Suricata Task Assigned Normal research: libhwloc for better autoconfiguration Shivani Bhardwaj 06/07/2022 12:44 PM Actions
3692 Suricata Bug Feedback Normal delta calculations come up negative Peter Manev 05/12/2020 09:01 AM Actions
3682 Suricata Bug Resolved Normal bsize needs to err upon non possible matching conditions Jeff Lucovsky 09/25/2023 01:56 PM Actions
3675 Suricata Feature New Normal Testimony support Vadym Malakhatko 05/06/2020 11:54 PM Actions
3664 Suricata-Update Bug Assigned Normal Removing filename ends with ".rules" requirement for URL feeds of rules Shivani Bhardwaj 07/07/2023 02:18 AM Actions
3656 Suricata-Update Bug New Normal Matching and modifies requires double backslash in front of $ characters Jason Ish 04/17/2020 04:02 PM Actions
3636 Suricata Feature Assigned Low eve: configuration options to enable all, none or just a default set of outputs Juliana Fajardini Reichow 08/01/2022 04:43 PM Actions
3629 Suricata Feature In Review Normal Publish the Suricata support Python libraries to PyPI (make pip installable) Jason Ish 10/07/2020 06:19 AM Actions
3617 Suricata Bug New Normal Missing icmp netflow OISF Dev 05/08/2020 07:17 PM Actions
3591 Suricata Optimization In Progress High fuzz: target with pcap, rules and yaml Philippe Antoine 09/28/2023 01:04 PM Actions
3590 Suricata Optimization New Low fuzz: target for dataset/datarep files Philippe Antoine 06/07/2023 03:18 PM Actions
3589 Suricata Optimization New Low fuzz: target for iprep data files Philippe Antoine 06/07/2023 03:18 PM Actions
3588 Suricata Optimization New Low fuzz: target for reference.config Philippe Antoine 06/07/2023 03:18 PM Actions
3587 Suricata Optimization New Low fuzz: target for threshold.config Philippe Antoine 06/07/2023 03:18 PM Actions
3563 Suricata Task New Normal rfb: support GAP recovery 03/27/2020 07:12 PM Actions
3562 Suricata Task New Normal rdp: support GAP recovery 03/27/2020 07:12 PM Actions
3561 Suricata Task New Normal krb5: support GAP recovery 03/27/2020 07:11 PM Actions
3560 Suricata Task New Normal ssl/tls: support GAP recovery 11/20/2020 10:34 AM Actions
3558 Suricata Task New Normal smtp: support GAP recovery 03/27/2020 07:09 PM Actions
3557 Suricata Task New Normal ftp: support GAP recovery 03/27/2020 07:09 PM Actions
3556 Suricata Task New Normal dns: improve GAP recovery 03/27/2020 07:19 PM Actions
3555 Suricata Task New Normal DNP3: support GAP recovery 03/27/2020 07:06 PM Actions
3554 Suricata Task Assigned Normal modbus: support GAP recovery Simon Dugas 09/16/2021 02:53 PM Actions
3553 Suricata Task New Normal Tracking: enable GAP recovery for all TCP app-layer protocols 09/03/2020 09:04 AM Actions
3548 Suricata Feature New Normal Support GTP(GPRS Tunnelling Protocol). Travis Nykaza 10/26/2023 04:18 PM Actions
3544 Suricata Optimization New Low Have small signature match context without allocation Community Ticket 10/13/2020 05:38 AM Actions
3540 Suricata Optimization Assigned Low krb5: use app-layer incomplete support Pierre Chifflier 01/24/2023 10:36 AM Actions
3503 Suricata Feature New Normal decoders: handle trailing data 02/25/2020 03:35 PM Actions
3495 Suricata Task New Normal ship better 'files.rules' OISF Dev 06/30/2023 02:05 PM Actions
3494 Suricata Feature New Normal rules: Keyword for determining if the http_host is an ip address 06/09/2023 11:31 AM Actions
3493 Suricata Bug New Normal installed libhiredis includes/libs not found by configure script 02/20/2020 11:32 PM Actions
3487 Suricata Feature In Review Normal multi-part parser in Rust Philippe Antoine 10/03/2023 09:53 AM Actions
3480 Suricata Bug New Normal EVE JSON - Incorrect Packet Logged OISF Dev 06/30/2023 01:39 PM Actions
3464 Suricata Feature Assigned Low suricata-verify: Add unix-socket support Jason Ish 04/19/2021 03:33 PM Actions
3454 Suricata Feature New Normal Add support to communicate with other networking products 01/30/2020 10:11 AM Actions
3449 Suricata Optimization In Review Normal output calls fflush very often Jeff Lucovsky 11/01/2023 02:50 PM Actions
3446 Suricata Feature New Low app-layer: implement MySQL parser Giuseppe Longo 11/30/2023 10:37 AM Actions
3439 Suricata Feature New Normal bpf-filter does not accept path/file 01/10/2020 05:29 PM Actions
3436 Suricata Bug New Normal Suricata Socket Control crashing using command 'reopen-log-files' OISF Dev 06/30/2023 01:39 PM Actions
3430 Suricata Feature New Normal make endswith/startswith available to relevant buffers when datasets are used on those OISF Dev 07/11/2023 12:51 PM Actions
3427 Suricata Optimization New Normal Issue warning/info msg upon datasets of type string that are not base64 Shivani Bhardwaj 06/30/2023 07:54 AM Actions
3396 Suricata-Update Optimization Assigned Normal Safer defaults when faced with error / fallback Shivani Bhardwaj 07/07/2023 02:18 AM Actions
3392 Suricata Task New Normal Tracking: protocol detection evasions Philippe Antoine 06/30/2023 02:13 PM Actions
3383 Suricata Feature Assigned Low nflog: use mnl api Giuseppe Longo 11/28/2023 08:33 PM Actions
3379 Suricata Feature New Normal Filtering ICAP Protocoll on lo Interface OISF Dev 06/30/2023 02:01 PM Actions
3375 Suricata Bug New Normal Tracking: file tracking/inspection performance issues Victor Julien 08/12/2023 05:48 AM Actions
3374 Suricata Bug New Normal Windows: Suricata does not warn upon insufficient permissions 12/01/2019 09:33 AM Actions
3373 Suricata Feature New Normal add init service file example script for Debian/Ubuntu Peter Manev 12/01/2019 09:34 AM Actions
3371 Suricata Bug New Normal 'suricatasc -c conf-get ...' returns outdated values after reloading suricata OISF Dev 12/06/2019 10:33 PM Actions
3368 Suricata Support New Normal Suricata Pkt processing Community Ticket 05/18/2023 09:02 AM Actions
3365 Suricata Task New Normal Research: can we use doxygen to validate completeness of low level docs OISF Dev 06/30/2023 02:01 PM Actions
3358 Suricata Bug New Normal bypass_filter AFPBypassCallback Segmentation Fault Community Ticket 10/27/2022 04:25 PM Actions
3353 Suricata Bug New Normal xdp_filter segmentation fault util-ebpf.c:728 Community Ticket 10/27/2022 04:28 PM Actions
3351 Suricata Feature In Review Low sip: parse traffic over tcp Giuseppe Longo 09/05/2023 05:52 AM Actions
3348 Suricata Bug Feedback Normal Possible detection issue with VXLAN parser Tiago F. 12/04/2019 08:25 AM Actions
3343 Suricata Task Assigned Normal tracking: developer documentation Victor Julien 06/30/2023 02:01 PM Actions
3338 Suricata Feature New High vxlan: log vni in eve OISF Dev 02/25/2020 11:11 AM Actions
3337 Suricata Optimization Feedback Normal Python is assumed to be installed in the same --prefix as suricata Jason Ish 11/24/2019 06:31 AM Actions
3334 Suricata Task New High Cleanup registration of C function pointers in SuricataContext in main() OISF Dev 05/31/2021 05:28 PM Actions
3333 Suricata Feature New Normal Research: Unwind panic's from Rust modules Jason Ish 05/18/2023 08:18 AM Actions
3330 Suricata Bug New Normal Init script may not be properly cleaning up pid file. Peter Manev 11/26/2019 01:15 PM Actions
3329 Suricata Task Assigned Normal Research: WASM as a Lua alternative and for dynamically loadable modules Jason Ish 02/17/2021 05:55 PM Actions
3323 Suricata Bug Assigned Normal tracking: ipv6 evasions OISF Dev 06/29/2023 03:40 PM Actions
3322 Suricata Optimization In Review Low Use standard CRC32 for hash-like functions Community Ticket 12/02/2022 12:29 PM Actions
3321 Suricata Feature New Low Evaluate different encoders for eve-log Community Ticket 11/12/2020 12:51 PM Actions
3319 Suricata Feature New Normal on 'wrong thread' reinject packets to correct thread OISF Dev 02/25/2020 08:58 PM Actions
3318 Suricata Task New Normal Research: NUMA awareness OISF Dev 06/01/2023 12:17 PM Actions
3317 Suricata Feature Feedback Normal rules: use rust for tokenizing rules Jason Ish 11/26/2021 01:21 PM Actions
3316 Suricata Feature Feedback Normal Unix socket: support dumping flow table Community Ticket 11/05/2019 09:21 PM Actions
3314 Suricata Optimization Feedback Normal rust: integrate log crate with suricata logging Pierre Chifflier 11/12/2019 09:56 PM Actions
3313 Suricata Documentation New Normal Document 40Gbps IPS set up Peter Manev 11/07/2019 09:47 PM Actions
3311 Suricata Feature New Normal Add better default suricata configuration for different traffic sizes and cpu/system architectures OISF Dev 12/30/2019 08:50 AM Actions
3310 Suricata Feature New Normal ease suricata configuration with xdp Community Ticket 10/27/2022 04:25 PM Actions
3309 Suricata Bug Feedback Normal xdp: some bypass stats/counters do not update properly Peter Manev 11/05/2019 11:27 AM Actions
3307 Suricata Task New Normal Research: evaluate future of lua support in Suricata OISF Dev 10/22/2021 09:07 PM Actions
3305 Suricata Optimization New Normal Tracking ticket: which parts of the engine should be dynamic Community Ticket 11/13/2019 09:08 AM Actions
3304 Suricata Optimization New Normal generic way to register buffers for logging and detection OISF Dev 11/09/2023 10:54 AM Actions
3303 Suricata Documentation New Normal Add a documentation about the used sid and gid ranges OISF Dev 11/05/2019 10:50 AM Actions
3302 Suricata Task New Normal Research: ruleset optimizations Community Ticket 11/05/2019 10:51 AM Actions
3301 Suricata Task New Normal Research: Failover support within the current IPS implementation Community Ticket 11/05/2019 10:51 AM Actions
3300 Suricata Task New Normal Tracking: Add support for medical protocols Community Ticket 01/30/2020 11:53 AM Actions
3299 Suricata Task New Normal Tracking: Add support for industrial protocol Community Ticket 11/09/2023 09:45 AM Actions
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